Our Milk

Associated Farmers

About 1050 farmers supply their superior quality milk to be processed in either one of the two factories. They have been longstanding partners and suppliers of our dairy, some of them already in the 3rd or even 4th generation. Our catchment area covers wide areas of central Germany, from the Fichtelgebirge to the Rhoen region, from the Harz mountains to Franconia’s “Little Switzerland”. Numerous recreation areas determine our intact countryside which is crucial for optimal feed production.

They also produce milk from ecological farming or GMO-free milk, according to very strict certification standards. These qualities are collected separately and then processed into cheese specialties by Milchwerke.



We count among the leading cheese dairies in Europe. In our Meeder factory, we process around-the-clock up to 1,400,000 liters of milk per day. The modern structures of the enterprise, our storage capacities and generously dimensioned, state-of-the-art production equipment allow fast, flexible reactions to the demands of our clients, within Germany and abroad.


"Coburger": Cheese specialties just like homemade, tuned to the contemporary taste of the consumers. For about 25 years now, this trademark has enjoyed incremental growth rates. The potential of this brand is above average. Specific sales promotions support its successful development.

The well-known brand "Silberdistel" is also produced exclusively by our Lendershausen plant.


About 44,000 tons of cheese specialties were produced in 2013. Soft, hard, or semi-hard cheese – we supply the entire assortment, as well as convenience products for the quick cuisine.

Only cooking salt is used for the preservation of our natural cheeses.

All our cheese varieties are fermented with microbial rennet.

"Organic" cheese specialties are enjoying increasing popularity. They are all produced of milk from certified farms which are verifiably subject to organic farming.

Our Factory Outlet in Wiesenfeld

Friendly, competent staff gives you extensive advice concerning our products.
Of course you will only get absolutely fresh goods, just made here. You are also welcome to consult them about gift ideas or
recipes relating to our cheeses.

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