In use for milk and cheese our Bavarian milk queen

The Bavarian milk queen receives a service car from the dairy farms of Oberfranken. In the coming months the 21-year-old wants to visit more than 100 dates.

Sonja Wagner has a lot in the next 23 months: “Every year, I will attend 100 to 150 events, I will be present at trade fairs, information events and companies, and will certainly be present at the Green Week,” she says. The young woman from the market Wonsees (district Kulmbach) was elected a month ago to the Bavarian milk queen. Over the next two years she is the face of Bavarian dairy farming and will cover more than 30,000 kilometers. For the 21-year-old to be able to get from one date to another quickly and safely, she now has a brand new Audi Q2 sponsored by the dairy companies Oberfranken West. On Wednesday, Sonja Wagner took the fancy car in Wiesenfeld. Cooperative Managing Director Ludwig Weiß and sales manager Peter Mankowski handed over the keys to the turbodiesel to the young woman, who naturally appeared in the service Dirndl with a crown on her head to hand over the vehicle. Of course, the paint of the vehicle blinks white. And a lettering on the door sill closes any doubt: “Bayerische Milchkönigin im Einsatz”, it says there in red letters. But also the logo of the milk works – the stylized vest – travels everywhere where Sonja Wagner appears. Further labels on the vehicle show specialties from the production of milk plants: Frankendammer, Landkäse and Brie. “We are represented with our products all over Germany, and I hope for the re-recognition effect,” explains Ludwig Weiß. The dairy factories support the dairy queen with a vehicle for the first time. “Because it comes from the catchment area of ​​our dairy,” Weiss justifies the action. Sonja Wagner is by the way a professional in milk. Their parents manage a modern farm with 80 dairy cows in Kulmbacher Land. From childhood the young woman helped there. Now she is studying at Weihenstephan College of Food Management. This involves the connection of agricultural raw material production and food production. Sonja Wagner does not yet know whether studying and fulfilling the duties of representation as a milk queen. “In case of emergency, I’ll take a semester,” she says.